PCPrank : The Sound of Amusement

The Prank:

Let’s start things off with a bang — or, to be more accurate, a baa. For our first prank, you’ll catch your cubicle neighbor off-guard by toying with his system sound files. Changing the sounds altogether is too obvious; instead, edit the existing sound files to add unexpected noises at the end.

The Process:

Using a simple WAV editor like Audacity, open a commonly used system sound file such as the e-mail notification alert (typically found in the Media folder within the Windows directory). First, add 15 to 30 seconds of silence to the end of the file. Then, after the silence, tack on the sound of a sheep baaing, a fly buzzing, or whatever else tickles your funny bone. (You can find plenty of free sound effects on sites such as WavSource.com andSoundAmerica.com.)

Drop the finished file into your co-worker’s Media folder, using the same filename as the original. Make sure to back up the old file first so you can restore it later.

The Final Product:

The next time your co-worker gets an incoming e-mail, your strange sound will follow — and, thanks to the built-in silence, it’ll be distanced enough from the normal sound that he won’t know what hit him. How baaaad is that?

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