PCPrank : Keyboard Confusion

The Prank:

The vast majority of us may be familiar with the QWERTY-style keyboard setup, but it isn’t the only configuration out there. A guy named August Dvorak created an alternate keyboardlayout that, while not widely used, is still available within Windows’ settings.

The Process:

Head over to the Control Panel, click “Regional and Language Options,” then go into the “Languages” tab. Click “Details,” then “Add,” and you’ll find the option to change the default input language.

The Final Product:

N.y-o hgoy oaf yflcbi ,rb-y mat. Mgjd o.bo. ann ru a ogee.bv (Non-Dvorak translation: Let’s just say typing won’t make sense all of a sudden.)

Hint: For a less extreme alternative, try the Romanian language setting. It’ll change only a handful of keys from the traditional U.S. QWERTY layout.

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