PC TIP OF THE DAY:Tips to prevent your computer from Hackers

Nowadays Computers are the most important thing of the modern society.  The use of internet has become so convenient and common; some people neglect and forget the importance of protecting their computers and files. So it is important to protect your computer and data from Hacking. This article is about how to protect your computer from Hackers and viruses.

Just follow the below instructions:
1. Install Anti-virus software:
First thing is that you must install the best antivirus software in your pc and keep it up to date.
2. Up to date Operating system:
Keep your Operating system up to date with latest patches.
3. Install Anti-Spyware Software:
Use Anti-Spyware to prevent spyware, malware and Trojan horses from attacking your computer.
Download anti spyware from here
4. Install Firewall Software:
Install a personal Firewall and keep it up to date.
5. Scan Computer weekly:
Scan your computer Hard Disk weekly so that it will be free from viruses
6. Don’t open Spam E-mail:
Don’t open unknown E-mail or spam mail.
7. Use strong password:
Use strong password and don’t use your birth date, nickname or cellphone number. Try to use alphabets, numbers and special symbols in your password.
8. Secure your Wi-Fi:
Secure your Wi-Fi connection with strong password
10. Don’t Use Dictionary word in password:
Try to avoid using Dictionary word in password.
If you follow the above instructions, your computer will be safe from Hackers.
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