PC TIP OF THE DAY: Windows Media Player Enhencement

Windows Media Player is great for accessing local music and videos, but that’s just the start. You can also browse the media libraries on other PCs across your network, and the “Play To” feature means it’s now even possible to ‘push’ media from one system, and have it automatically begin playing on another.

To set this up, first launch Media Player, click Stream > Turn on media streaming, then click Turn On Media Streaming in the Options dialog.

Click Stream, select Allow remote control of my player > Allow remote control on this network, then click Stream > Automatically allow devices to play my media.

Repeat this on any network PC which you’d like to include, then right-click any file within Media Player, and select the Play To menu. Choose a remote computer from the list, and the media file will be pushed across the network, automatically playing on the other system.

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