PC TIP OF THE DAY: What to consider when buying a new laptop

It takes a lot of time to choose the best Laptop for us. Nowadays, many types of Laptops are available on the market and every laptop has different features. The most important factors that one has to consider when buying a new Laptop are given below.

Tips to look out before buying New Laptop
1. Battery life:
Battery Life is more important for those who work continuously with Laptop. If the product is made by the manufacturer of your laptop (Sony, Compaq, Dell, etc), you can usually be sure it is a quality product. In general Laptops have 2 types of batteries. 9 cell battery laptops are better than 6 cell battery laptop. Because 9 cell batteries provide stand-alone power than 6 cell batteries.
2. Operating system:
Windows 7 and versions of Windows Vista are recommended by many people. For your laptop also you can choose windows series.
3. RAM:
Laptops generally have two slots available for memory modules compared to four or more in desktop systems. This means that they are more limited in the amount of memory that can be made available. 2GB or 4GB RAM is enough for Laptops.
4. Processor:
High speed Processors are available on the market. Processors by INTEL like Duo Core, i3, i5 and i7 have good processing power.
5. Screen Size:
The Screen Size should also be considered before buying a Laptop. You may think that a 17-inch widescreen display is just what you need. Ultimately, that may prove to be too big, the 14-inch and 15.6-inch Laptops are also available.
6. Bluetooth, camera and Wireless:
Buy a Laptop that has Bluetooth, camera and WiFi devices.
7. Keyboard and Touch Pad:
If you want to buy a 15 inch screen laptop, you will have Numeric Keypad. The size lesser than 15 inch will not have this facility. Some keyboard come with back-lit LED lights for easy typing in dark. Touch pad is common for all laptops.
8. Ports:
Check out all the ports for USB, Speakers, Network, HDMI and others. Laptops start coming with USB 3.0 port for faster data transfer. E-SATA ports are also available. It can be used as a UGB port. It is mainly to transfer with external hard disk drives.
9. Design:
Choose a better Design and color for you Laptop. Nowadays Laptops are available in many designs and colors.
10. Graphics Property:
The Graphics property is also an important factor. You can also add 1 graphics card in your laptop. If you are Gamer, Designer or Heavy user then you need more Graphics.
11. Budget and price:
Choose a Laptop that perfectly helps you in doing your work.


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