Since the internet has become very popular, it is being used for many purposes. Today the internet has brought the globe into a single room. The internet is such a huge network of several different interlinked networks relating to business, government and academic and therefore internet is known as the network of all the other networks. For students the internet is used to gather information so as to do research of any sort of subject.
By using the internet now we can communicate in a fraction of a second with a person who is sitting in the other part of the world. There is plenty of messenger services and email services offering this service for free. With the help of such services, it has become very easy to establish a kind of global friendship where you can share your thoughts. The biggest thing the internet is offering is information. Any kind of information on any topic is available on the internet. Internet makes life easy for both employers and job seekers as there are many job-sites which connect employers and job seekers.
Internet is useful in providing income as well as it can accommodate online games, online movies and songs. In developed countries people prefer to shop from home using the internet for online shopping. The above are some of the common uses of the internet. 
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