PC TIP OF THE DAY: Securing Your Email Account

Email is used everyday and we have lots of valuable information in our inbox. It is the most valuable asset of anyone’s identity on the web. Victims of hacking are increasing but intelligence level  to crack Email accounts is decreasing. Choosing a strong password is not enough; you should be well aware of how people try to gain access to other people’s email accounts.
securing Email account
There are certain rules to be followed in order to keep your account safe from Hackers:
  • Use a strong password with combination of alphanumeric and symbols to make it really hard to guess, at the same time you should not forget the password.
  • Avoid checking Email at public places.
  • Change the password at regular intervals.
  • Regularly check your login activity record at the bottom of the page.
  • Never reveal your password to anyone. Keep it confidential.
  • Never access your account from a compromised PC.
  • Add your mobile number to Google account; it will give you access to SMS-based account recovery.
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