PC TIP OF THE DAY: Removing Autorun.inf Virus



Solution to Remove Autorun.inf Virus



Step 1: First Disable CD/DVD or USB Autorun in windows



Follow the below steps and ensure your system safety:



  • Click start à Run and type GPEDIT.MSC – this opens Group Policy editor window.
  • On the left side à expand Computer Configuration à Administrative Templates à System.
  • Locate the entry for turn auto play off on the right side.
  • Double click it and select ‘Enabled’.




Step 2: Open Winrar.exe


Step 3: Now browse to any drive that is infected with Autorun.inf virus using winrar explorer.


Step 4: Here you will see all the hidden files under winrar for that particular drive.


Step 5: Look for the file Autorun.inf and open it using notepad.


Step 6: In that Autorun file, some .EXE file will be mentioned that will be executed along with the autorun file. This exe file is the main culprit.


Step 7: Note the exe file mentioned in the Autorun.inf file. Close this Autorun.inf file.


Step 8: Now look for that .Exe file in the drive (Ex: c:/), Delete that .exe file along with Autorun.inf


Step 9: Restart your Operating System. Now your system is free from the Autorun.inf Virus.


Note: Repeat the same process if your Usb or Pendrives are infected with Autorun.inf virus.

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