PC TIP OF THE DAY: Operating Gmail Accounts Using Shortcut keys

In this article I have given you some information on how to operate your Gmail account using shortcuts keys.
Tips to Operate Gmail account using shortcuts keys
f : Pressing f helps you to forward emails
Shift+I : Used to mark email message as read
Shift+u : Used to mark email message as unread
: Reply to the sender of mail
a : Reply to the all email recipients
Ctrl+c : Use to save current email as draft
z : Press z key to undo any previous action
? : Display the keyboard shortcut keys help
c : Press c button to compose an new email message
/ : Press / button to move your cursor in search box
: Press u key to refresh your email account to view latest email
: Press ! key to mark an email message as spam
: Press p key to move cursor to precious message
. : Press . key to display more options
Esc : Escape cursor from any current field.
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