PC TIP OF THE DAY: How to recover overwritten files or folders in Windows7

There are many recovery softwares on the internet to recover lost data. They are bought, time consuming and there is no guarantee of recovering 100% of the data. So I have given you some simple tips to recover lost data from files or folders using Microsoft Windows in-built function called Volume shadow copy.
This in-built function saves a snapshot of an old file when a file is updated and saved. If a file or folder is created on the system, volume shadow copy creates a back up for that file and creates restore points whenever files or folders are modified at later stages. It also helps in restoring deleted or renamed files and folders.
Tips to recover overwritten files or folders in Windows7
Procedure to recover deleted or renamed files
1. To restore deleted or renamed files, you should know where the file or folder was saved.
2. Navigate to that folder which contained the file or folder which you want to recover.
3. Select the folder. Right click. Navigate to previous version tab
4. Double click on folder appearing on previous version tab and navigate to desired  folder or file which you want to restore and drag it to your desktop
Procedure to recover overwritten files or folders:
1. Navigate to file or folder which you desire to restore back.
2. Select the file or folder and make a right click.
3. Choose the Properties option and navigate to Previous Version tab
4. In this Previous Version tab you will be presented with various restore points available for that file or folder. Choose the desired restore point for restoring your file for folder and click restore. You can also click open button to see what you are going to restore.
5. In this procedure the overwritten file will be replaced with old file. If you want to preserve overwritten file along with old file or folder which you want to restore, then you have to click copy button instead of restore button. Once you choose the copy button, you will be prompted to give the location to save the restored file or folder.


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