PC TIP OF THE DAY: How to easily access your important webpages

This Trick enables one to easily access his/her favorite web pages from the desktop itself. This will help you avoid typing the URL every time you want to access your favourite webpage.
Tips to create shortcut key for WebPages
Step 1: Open your favorite webpage in your browser.
Step 2: If your browser window is maximized then make it minimize.
Step 3: In the browser window click and drag the icon next to the URL (Top left corner)  and drag it into your Desktop or other location you wish to create the shortcut.
For example if you want to create the shortcut for Facebook, then you would drag the icon near to www.facebook.com to your Desktop.
You are done.
Note: Users using Internet Explorer can quickly do this by right-clicking on an empty spot of a web page and click Create Shortcut.
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