PC TIP OF THE DAY: How to Deactivate Facebook account

Facebook is one of the biggest social networks and it contains more number of users. Using this network people have fun with their friends and get the knowledge of current affairs. Facebook contains lots of features like chat, Messages, Advertisements and more. Many of us don’t know how to delete and deactivate the facebook account. In this article I have given some tips on how to deactivate your facebook account.
Delete and Deactivate are two different terms:
  • Deleting your facebook account means it erases all activity and details like photos, status etc.


  • Deactivate means temporarily close your account and your activity. You can reactivate your facebook account when you wish.



Procedure for Deactivating:-
Just follow the below instructions to deactivate your facebook account.
  •          Go to Account Settings
  •          Click on security
  •         Click on Deactivate your account link
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