PC TIP OF THE DAY: General computer cleaning tips

Dust and grime in your personal computer is enough to cause 70% of problems and it makes your PC to loss valuable data. Dirt and dust can stop air flow and prevent the PC fan from working. This will cause dangerous effects on your computer. Cleaning your PC can increase its life. In this article I have given some general computer cleaning tips to keep a computer clean.
General computer cleaning tips
  •  Before cleaning, turn off your computer.
  • Never spray the liquids directly onto your system component. Spray the liquid into soft cloth and use that cloth to clean your computer component.
  • Vacuum is used to remove dirt and dust around the computer. Don’t use vacuum to clean inside system components. It creates static electricity and damages the internal components. If you need vacuum to clean inside of your computer, then use a portable battery powered vacuum especially designed for this purpose or try compressed air.
  • Avoid using chemical cleaning solvents. Some people have allergic reactions to chemicals and some chemicals can even damage the components. Always use water or highly diluted solvent for cleaning.
  • When cleaning fans within personal pc or laptop, it’s recommended to place something in-between the fan blades. It will prevent your fan from spinning. Spraying compressed air into a fan may cause damage.
  • Avoid eating and drinking around the computer and try to avoid smoking near the computer.
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