PC TIP OF THE DAY: Fixing Pianoman virus attacks

The Pianoman-corrupt Virus corrupts Microsoft Office Documents and Antivirus solutions can only remove the virus from the computer but they cannot repair your affected files.
What makes it dangerous is that if you scan your computer with an antivirus all the virus may be deleted but the information on the word documents will be unreadable.

To deal with the virus when attacked you need:

1. To update your antivirus on the internet and thoroughly scan your Computer or Laptop.

2. After that you have to run a data recovery software on your computer which will bring the office documents to their original state.

By following the above steps I have managed to recover information on all my documents after I had been hit by the virus.

To be safe from the virus always make sure that your antivirus is always updated and avoid using free editions or trial versions of antiviruses.

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