PC TIP OF DAY: Recovering Data From Unreadable CDs

I have used this technique to recover data from scratched discs and it works wonders. Here we cover a special technique on how to create a fully working CD from a scratched one.
Things you need:
  •  Alcohol 120%
  • UltraISO
  • Windows XP/2000 (not tested on 95/98/me)
  • Small piece of cotton
  • Dry cleaner paper
  • Oil


How to recover data from damaged CDs
CD recovery process:
Step 1:
Prepare CD:
Clean the surface of the disc with a cotton cloth. Then, dry the water with a piece of dry cleaner paper. Now take another piece of cotton and drop some oil on the surface of the disc and dry it carefully.  Some particles of the oil will stay on the surface of the disc and this helps the laser of the CD/DVD driver to read the surface again. 80% of the small scratched CD’s could be recovered by using this process.
Step 2:
CD Testing: 
Use 120% Alcohol on the surface of the disc and then you will get 60% of data. If you repeat this process for more than three times you will recover the large amount of data.
Step 3:
Making a new CD:
Create a folder on the desktop and then just copy the CD contents into that folder. Usually when the CD copy process finds the scratch, it slows down the reading and tries to recover the data. Otherwise, it will show an unreadable sector error. But in our case, Windows Explorer gets all the data from the scratch and makes a copy of the content in the folder.
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