PC TIP OF THE DAY: Reset And Repair Your Windows System

Troubleshooting Windows problems can be complicated, since there are so many settings and options to consider. Windows 8 has simplified this with its own Repair and Refresh tool, but if you feel windows 8 is difficulty to use and you don’t want to upgrade your windows 7, there’s always a solution. There is a software called Windows Repair V1.9 that you can use. Click here and download

This compact program is able to resolve Registry and file permission problems, fix IE and the Windows firewall, repair icons, get Windows Update working again and a whole lot more. And in theory it’s quite simple, too – just select the area you want to repair and it’ll be fixed in a click or two.

Windows Repair has worked well for us in the past, but needs to be treated with care. Applying fixes you don’t need can cause more problems than you solve. Select only options you’re sure are appropriate, and don’t run the program at all unless your PC has a full system backup available.

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