PC TIP OF THE DAY: How To Deal With fEstasAzulCorrupta virus

This is not a new virus but recently it has started wrecking havoc on many computers. I will not focus much of my attention on its origin but I want to talk on how to prevent it and also how to solve problems caused by the virus.

This virus targets MS Word and Excel documents, I am not sure if it attacks other MS office formats like MS publisher, but on two computers that I fixed  only the Word and Excel documents were damaged.

To ensure maximum protection you need to make sure that your antivirus is updated regularly and avoid using those free antiviruses that you get on the internet.  When you are hit by the virus you can recover your documents by using Data Recovery Softwares and not antiviruses. Antiviruses will help you clean your computer and not recover your data. Many people have  tried to change their antiviruses several times but this did not help to recover the data.

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