PC Prank : The Ol’ Switcheroo

The Prank:

How perplexed would you be if every time you clicked on Excel, Powerpoint opened instead? With 30 seconds of your time, you can find out — via someone else, of course.

The Process:

Open up the folder where Microsoft Office is located. Then, swap out the names of the EXE files for the programs you want to switch (using the “Rename” command on the right-click menu). Once the actual Excel program is named POWERPNT.EXE and the actual Powerpoint program is named EXCEL.EXE, it’s time to sit back and watch.

The Final Product:

Since the desktop shortcuts will still appear to be accurate — they’re opening the right filenames, after all — even the most advanced computer user will be baffled by this one. Just don’t let him suffer for too long before coming clean.

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