PC Prank Of The Day : Unclick-able desktop

Unclick-able desktop

Allright, this one is really old but sometimes users will not know what happened. Just make a screenshot of your desktop by pressing “Print Screen” on your keyboard (sometimes shown as “Print Scrn“). Now go to Paint and Paste (Ctrl+V). You should now have an image of your desktop. Save the image to your PC (not on your desktop) and save it as BMP. You’ll now have the file like this: C:/Desktop.bmp.
Next, right-click on your desktop and select Properties. Select the tab Desktop and click Browse… Navigate to your screenshot and press OK to set it as your background. You’re almost done now.
Right-click your desktop again and navigate to “Arrange icons by” and uncheck “Show desktop icons”. There you have it, the icons on the desktop can not be clicked anymore.

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