PC Prank Of The Day : Time Bomb

Try this prank and have some real fun at the office

Open a text document and type in the following:

shutdown -s -t 60 -c “Timebomb!”

Save it as a .cmd file. Now, when your friend clicks on the file, a window with a timer will pop up, and when the countdown reaches 0 their computer will shut down. The above text will produce a window with a 60 second timer and the message Timebomb! So feel free to experiment changing the text in the quotation marks – for example “I’ve had enough of all your porn searching, I’m checking out for good…”.

Anyway, no one is going to click on a random suspicious .cmd file, so hide it somewhere – and then change some of your friends shortcuts to open it instead of ‘Spotify.exe‘ or whatever.

have fun!


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