PC Prank Of The Day : Schedule A Program To Launch Every Five Minutes


Finally, this trick is the most advanced and takes the longest to set up, but it really has the power to annoy.

From the Control Panel go to “Administrative Tools.” Double-click on “Task Scheduler,” click on the “Action” menu and select “Create task.”

Give your task a name (it doesn’t matter what) then click on the “Triggers” tab, click “New,” look down to find “Advanced settings,” and check the box where it says “Repeat task every…” Click on the drop-down menu and select “5 minutes.” Now hit “OK.”

Now go to the “Actions” tab and select “New.” The drop-down menu should default to “Start a program.” Leave it on this option and browse for the program you want to start — something fairly innocuous like Solitaire is a good bet. Hit “OK.” Click on “OK” in the next window and your task will be saved.

The program you selected will now launch every five minutes, driving your victim crazy — until you chose to reveal your dastardly actions!

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