PC Joke Of The Day: They Said I Couldn’t Break It

About a year ago, Jason, the company’s top computer engineer, was called out to make field service.  When he got to the lady’s house and was let in, the first thing he noticed was the smell of gunpowder.  The second thing he saw was the double barrelled 12-gauge shotgun lying across her lap.  And the third thing was the big gaping hole in her computer screen.Computer Jokes.  Tech support stories

Jason looked at her. She was a little grey haired woman, around 60 or so.  Had she?   Not possible.  Still, he had to ask.Computer Jokes and funny stories

Jason: ‘Did you shoot…?’

Little Old Lady: ‘Yes, I got a little mad at the computer, the program would not load.  Tech Support told me that I couldn’t hurt it, but I think they were wrong.

Can you salvage anything?’

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