PC Joke Of The Day: Beware of Wishing to Windows!

A man was stuck in a desert he got the urge for some water. He saw another man coming toward him carrying a gym bag, so he asked him for some water. The second man opened the gym bag and took out a HUGE bottle of cold fresh water .
“Where did you get that ?” asked the first man.
“There’s a genie down the beach granting wishes,” the second man answered.
So the first man walked along the desert and sure enough, there was a genie.
“Do you grant wishes?” the man asked, and the genie answered “Yes, but only one wish to a customer.”
“I want a million bucks,” the man asked. The genie waved his hand, and suddenly the sky was full of ducks flying in from all directions.
“Hey,” the man said, “I asked for a million bucks, not a million ducks.”
“Sorry, one wish to a customer,” the genie answered. Angry, the man walked back in the desert until he ran into the man with the gym bag.
“That’s some screwed up genie,” he said.
“I asked for a million bucks, and all I got was a million ducks.”
Then the man replied!
Which one did you choose?, coz there are two and the crazy one uses windows software!

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