“Paynow, Not PayPal Will Solve Our Problems” says Webdev


Zimbabwe software developers for a long time have been engaging on the next move to avail a solution that will enable a flawless online payment system with efforts from players like Pay4app and Vpayments proving to be  the first step towards the problem, still we could not easily pay thorough the international gateway.

Some few weeks  ago, pondering on the current online payment crisis facing Zimbabwe, i managed to have a tête-à-tête  with the brains behind yet another  integrated  money payment system called PayNow, which is currently still in a soft launch.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Speaking to Mr Matthew Hood and Mr Vusi Ndebele the Sales and operations director with WebDev , they were so excited that they have moved in to find the solution that will not only work for Zimbabweans to pay online but also for merchants to receive payments directly into their bank accounts via Paynow.
2 days ago, PayPal added its voice to the Zimbabwean market when they announced that they will be will be adding 10 more countries to the 190 listed, and Zimbabwe was among the only 4 African countries selected on the list joining the 146 million active users o Pay Pal.
This was no fluke as by Mid day yesterday, Zimbabwe was surely added to the list of 200 countries which can now instantly transact via PayPal and the news has been received with so much excitement with most Zimbabweans regarding it as a break through.

Paypal cponfirmed on Zim
Unfortunately as PayPal had already stated, this is not good news for everyone as the solution will be only be availed for Zimbabweans who want to buy from the international markets while the local merchants will not be able to receive any payment via PayPal.
According to an online report PayPal said “We think we can give our sellers selling into this market a great deal of reassurance,”.
“PayPal does not yet cover peer-to-peer transactions, which allow consumers to send money to other consumers. It has not yet enabled local merchants in the new markets to receive payments, nor is it offering other forms of banking services,” said Mr Rupert Keeley, the executive in charge of the EMEA region of PayPal
This gives room for local players like Paynow, Vpaments and Pay4App to capitalise on the opportunity and offer our local business the solution for real time online payments nationwide seamlessly

What makes Paynow very interesting is the fact that they have already completely integrated our local mobile money transfer services to transfer and receive funds directly into the bank account of any registered business.

This revolutionary move means Zimbabwean businesses including retailers, hotels, lodges or airlines can accept or receive payment from their international clients through Paynow, complementing the e-commerce ecosystem of Zimbabwe.

The upcoming Paynow.co.zw will solve the critical challenges faced by Zimbabwean Merchants/Sellers, enabling them to legally and conveniently accept popular electronic payment methods from both local and international customers directly into their local bank account.

Mr Ndebele said that “the entire spectrum of buyers or consumers benefit from the ability to pay a growing list of Paynow merchants using their own preferred payment instrument – Visa & Mastercard used mostly by international clientele, Zimswitch Vpayments by the local banked population and Mobile Money (Ecocash/Telecash) for the masses.
We continue to work to broaden the payment options available through Paynow and anticipate Onewallet and China`s UnionPay will be added later this year”.

Garth Drummond, the founder of Webdev said “Webdev is a proudly Zimbabwean company, committed to solving Zimbabwean challenges in good times and bad. Through Paynow, we aim to put Zimbabwean businesses on par with their international counterparts, to afford Zimbabwean consumers the convenience widely enjoyed around the world and to contribute to the development of a vibrant ICT industry that uplifts the welfare of our citizens and supports our economy.”

Paynow is expected to exit the ‘Soft Launch’ phase and be open for registration to the general public shortly. An event for business owners and another for the tech community is set to be held soon after to officially launch PayNow as they seek to explore the opportunities in the world of e-commerce, limited only by one’s imagination.
Currently on the Soft Launch, businesses can still register interest on www .paynow.co.zw and receive an invitation code by email which unlocks full registration.
We are headed towards an exciting season as ecommerce booms, finally becoming a reality for Zimbabweans creating an unprecedented opportunity for new businesses too.

Nicole Madziwa

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