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With school holidays upon us, every parent is finally enjoying the much anticipated return of their children from the various learning institutions where they have been engaged. Report books from the learning institutions are a norm and, of cause, of utmost importance what the respective subject tutors have to say.

Has your child taken their school work seriously? Have they performed well or are there hiccups here and there? Whatever the scenario the holiday comes as a time to reflect and effect changes were necessary.

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The current Parent Teacher Student Interaction and collaboration is very limited and works around three facets; consultation days, association meetings and a termly report card.

Current System

Although effective there is room for improvement. The Parental Academic Interactive System (P.A.I.S.) does exactly that.


PAIS is an application that gives parents access to students’ performance records and teacher reviews online. It also notifies parents about student absenteeism and allows the parents to view the termly marks of their children.

No longer do parents have to wait for consultation days, association meetings and a termly report card. Information relating to how their child is performing is readily available online with the use of a password as standard security measures.

PAIS collaboration

The stories of reports not being availed or being lost need no longer surface. It’s as if you are literally in the classroom with your child, that’s the level of interaction and collaboration that PAIS offers!

The benefits to the student are as follows:
– Increase in academic acuity
– Higher self-esteem
– Greater self-discipline
– Higher aspirations
– Greater motivation
– Overall improved behavior patterns

PAIS interaction

Benefits to the parents:
– Accessible from any internet capable device including mobile devices
– Understanding of the school curriculum
– Participation and assistance to children

PAIS parent child

Benefits to institution (school):
– Paperwork and administration tasks are reduced
– Decreased communication expenses
– Reduction in costs and time saving
– Greater and easier marketing
– Increased Brand Identification

PAIS teacher student

PARENTAL ACADEMIC INTERACTIVE SYSTEM (PAIS) is a platform for online interaction, Parent Teacher Student interaction and collaboration.

PAIS students

The Parental Academic Interactive System (PAIS) is an online system aimed at facilitating effective interaction and collaboration between teachers and parents of students at primary and high school level.

PAIS class students

Its ultimate goal is to ensure high academic performance levels amongst students at schools where the system is implemented. This will bring about positive gains and benefits for all parties involved, that is, the students, the parents, the teachers and the schools/colleges.

PAIS class1

In addition, due to the benefits it brings about, the system will contribute immensely to an improved pass rate at the schools/colleges where it is implemented.

PAIS class

The PAIS was developed by Faith Ruvimbo Nyakudya from Harare Institute of Technology.

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