#ZimStartup: Paperless Contact Sharing with Deet

Networking is the soul of business nowadays as making connections is essential to the growth of any business. In networking there is a lot of business card sharing.

There is that awkward moment at a corporate event that one unexpectedly forgets or runs out business cards.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Factor O an application development start up has bounced back with yet another reliever of a contacts app called Deet.

Deet also ensures you wont live again those embarrassing moments looking for your contacts after changing a phone or replacing a phone.

Deet is an application that allows users to share your contact details and social network profiles with ease.

“Factor O (Pvt) Ltd will soon be releasing Deet for Android. Deet allows users to share & store their contact details and social network profiles with ease without the need for an Internet connection.

“Instead of creating a new contact in your phone directory and typing in the number and name you want to save, Deet allows you to receive and store a person’s phone number, Twitter/Snapchat/Insta/Facebook/LinkedIn/Skype/Youtube profiles, website, and email address all within a second or two,” said the app developers in a statement.

●Unlimited Profiles – Allows you to create multiple profiles (which is equivalent to having multiple business cards) which you may share with anyone.​ ​Each profile may contain your social media profiles, email address, website and phone number.
●“Tap & Go” – Allows you to tap on a contact’s twitter/fb/snapchat/insta/website and redirects you to the contact’s profile on the requested social network.
●Multilingual – Deet supports multiple languages : English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian& Mandarin.
●No Internet Connection is needed for you to Deet.
Pricing & Availability
Deet is available on the Google Play store for free. Deet requires Android 4.1 (Jellybean) OS or newer.
Factor O is a Zimbabwean startup formed in 2014 that focuses on Mobile App, Gaming and Website Development. Better known for developing ​OLOVA​, Factor O seeks to improve people’s lives through Technology.
Driven by laziness, if a task/errand/job can be simplified through an app, then you are guaranteed Factor O will develop it!.

How it works:

1. Create a profile. In this profile, you enter your name, phone number, email address, website, twitter/facebook/instagram/snapchat/linkedIn/youtube handles (all of which are optional by the way). You can have as many profiles as you want. Each profile is equivalent to a business card.
2. When you want to share your Deets with a peer, simply tap on “Send Deets” on the menu which will then display a QR code on. On the other hand, your peer should tap on “Receive Deets” on the menu. This will then initiate a QR code scanner which they will use to scan your QR code.
3. Peer scans your QR code. You Deets will then be saved in your peer’s contacts list as a contact.
4. Peer can then tap on “Contacts” in the menu and select your contact from his/her contacts list. This will then display all your contact info as well as your twitter/facebook/instagram/snapchat/linkedIn/youtube handles as set in your profile. By tapping on say your twitter handle, the user is then redirected to your twitter profile page either via the twitter app (if installed) or via the browser

Where Deet would work:

Corporate events/meetings – Keeping a stack of your own business cards with you can be a problem. Losing business cards you have been given by potential clients can be an even bigger problem. With Deet, all you need is your phone. Besides, why use physical business cards? Save trees and use Deet!



Email: ​[email protected]
Twitter: ​@DeetAppZW
Facebook: ​Deet App
Website: ​www.deetapp.com

 Factor O

Email: ​[email protected]
Twitter: ​@WeAreFactorO
Facebook: ​Factor O
Website: ​www.wearefactoro.com




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