Panic Button On AppStore That Allows You To Reach Out To Family In Case Of Emergencies


Recently, a lot of reports on women being abused by security forces have been on the rise. Heinous crimes of rape and assault have been committed to those vulnerable and unfortunately no one comes to their aid.

Women are not the only victims as men equally experience the horrendous acts. These cases have left deep scars and trauma on the victims’ families, nevertheless there is an app on Google Play store( android users) and AppStore(iOS) called Panic Button.

The Panic Button is designed to assist in alerting and searching for somebody in distress or in an emergency situation where a threat to person or property exists. An application that provides assistance in informing the proper authorities, relatives and friends on the emergency/disaster that you are facing.

Panic button has three modes of sending distress messages, you can call your priority contact(s), it can also send them a distress sms alert as well as post on your social media platforms informing your loved ones that you are in trouble and also sending them your location.

Some of the additional features of this app include the disaster and the rescue mode. The disaster mode sends distress signals and turns on WIFI Hotspot to nearby devices, meanwhile, the rescue mode detects nearby distress signal and gets the emergency information.

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