#Zimstartups: Pamusika.biz Take Classified Ads To New Level

AS the online classifieds  industry continues to grow in its quest to quench the insatiable advertising appetite among small advertisers, one local company Clyna Trading has diversified its online advertising business to include as many platforms as possible, radio included.

We have heard of virtual classified advertisements and print classifieds but taking advantage of the wide traction that radio has, Clyna developed radio classifieds which combine online classifieds, and social media classifieds.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

The future looks bright for Pamusika  which is at its infancy as it has become a hit classified service on the market following its partnership with Star FM.

According to Pamusika IT manager Zororo Musiiwa, after studying the advertising demographics carefully, they chose to branch into radio classifieds using Star FM for its wide listener-ship.

“Pamusika is essentially a radio classifieds service. Pretty much we do radio classifieds. Its an electronic version of radio print classifieds that’s what we do.

“So we go to the people and we get what they want to put out there and everything and we get their content and put it on radio. So where we have probably 70 000 reading newspaper copies daily, Star FM has about 6 million listening at each moment so we have good demographics with which you can reach your target market,” he said.

Pamusika.biz website screenshot

“We are an advertising agency and we are dealing with Star FM. So we are doing radio classified adverts just like taking the newspaper and the social media then we put it on radio at a fee of $10 for 15 words. We do jungles which are aired at a cost of $45 for 30seconds. Our program runs from 6. 30 pm to 7pm from Monday to Friday Phatisani is the DJ,” he said.

The $10 does not only cover clients’ advertisements on radio, but also on the Pamusika website which creates a quasi-online shop for advertisers.

“We have a website where we  have a semi shop for that person, whoever he is under that $10 still where clients can come and get their products, their adverts flighted with pictures on the website.

Pamusika is looking forward to another slot with Star FM while looking to expand the service on other radio stations such as ZiFM.

With just 21 days broadcasting on Star FM, Pamusika is force to reckon in the classified industry offering a unique platform.

“So far this day number 21 but we started it long back but to have access on radio was a problem. We started with Power FM but something went up that when we considered to join Star FM,” he added.

Upon launch on radio, Pamusika gets an average of 50 advertisers a day.

The Pamusika team is quite ambitious as they look forward to starting their own advertising radio station as well as a television station.

Cell: +263719101111


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