#MondayBlues: P.O Box Splitter Group Comedians Changes Name.

Few months back #MondayBlues broke news that popular comedian group P O Box, had split  and and it seems this was a case of a tors against producers. Back then we however only managed to get a full story from one side of the actors and today, the other splitter group which remained with the name PO Box is officially speaking out.

When PO BOX was initially formed, it seems the producer had the technical know-how while  Rolland Lunga (Boss Kheda) and Admire Kuzhangaira (Bhuthisi) crew focused on making Zimbabweans laugh, however their initial split gave all the power to their Producer ( though some preferred to only call him cameraman) Lucky Aaron who then remained with the original name P.O Box.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

PO Box  Tv

As a result of this 2 P.O Boxes have been in existence, P.O Box Reloaded spearheaded by Rolland Lunga (Boss Kheda) and Admire Kuzhangaira (Bhuthisi) which is the other group that split out of P.O Box which remained operational with the two hilarious ladies, Sharon Chideu (Maggi), Samantha Kureya (Gonyeti) and Prosper Ngomashi (The Comic Pastor). Operating under the same name has created tension with P.O Box Reloaded which has greatly affected our creative process.

In a statement, Lucky Aaroni representing the PO Box crew has announced  a bold move to start a new brand under a new name as they are now comfortably settled  with good followership and viewership and they are ready to take on the market with a completely different name, Bus Stop Tv a move which could be suicidal if not properly done.

However, We could not immediately locate the new name on Youtube and surprisingly  24 hours ago  they had something new and fresh on the old PO Box channel

Speaking on Behalf of PO Box, their official statement announced that

Nonetheless since our split we have grown our audience. We have worked with companies of repute such as Steward Bank, PSI, National Foods Nash paints ,Jan Jam shop among many others. The split like in our political landscape has brought a lot of confusion.

po box

Lucky Aaroni Of PO Box

As such we will continue creating content that will spark debate reasonable debate among our audience. Our social media platforms will act as the bus stop, bringing people from all walks of life together and afford them a chance to interact about topical issues.

This rebranding process is part of our growth as a comic start up and production house. As part of our growth, strategic partnerships have been made to produce more exciting projects. It is from these partnerships that an animation version of BUSTOP TV will be unveiled to our audience.

As a production house we have decided to set the yardstick further by partnering with budding filmmakers to produce short films, which will feature at least one of the BUSTOP TV faces. As we bit farewell to the controversial P.O Box title, I would like express my sincere gratitude to all the creative we consulted during our re branding process that eventually got us to this BUSTOP TV and not forgetting our long time client Nash paints for sponsoring our rebranding process

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