#MondayBlues: Who is Ozias Bvute, The man behind Potraz Board?

A lot has been said across many media houses  about the man who for  the past three months has been  behind Potraz Board, He is no stranger to executive shake ups and Potraz will not be an exception.  

All sorts of names have been labelled against him forcing #MondayBlues to make him the  subject of focus.  With so much name tags  and many friends  and enemies from his past life, a lot has been published by many writers on this man.

By Toneo T Rutsito

Amidst so much controversy and mudslinging , Ozias Bvute has been too quiet to explain, exonerate or at least accept some of these charges. #MondayBlues caught up with him and the soft spoken but firm gentleman promised to bare it all.

Why not catch up with TechMag.tv for the next hot exclusive no holds bared youtube interview as we seek to understand more on the man who will be driving the critical telecommunications regulatory board in Zimbabwe.

It will be hot, unedited and as usual exclusive! Make a date for next week’s insert of #MondayBlues:

Nicole Madziwa

"Zimbabweans Should Change The Cyber Law Now, Instead Of Complaining" Supa

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