OyOsMusic Official Launch on Tonight

The much hyped OyOs Music launch is on tonight at the Starfm headquarters from 5pm to 9pm

The event will be graced by  Information Communication and Technology, Postal and Courier Services  minister Honorable Supa Mandiwanzira who will also lauch the OyOs music product.

As the years rolled by the music industry has been lying in wait for an opportunity like this and finally it has arrived. Tonight the country will witness the unveiling of Zimbabwe’s one and only music store – OyOsMusic . The launch was put together largely to celebrate the success of the brand finally coming to life, having succeeded in giving out its first quarterly payouts, progression In the never-ending fight against music piracy in the country.

“Most importantly,as has been fore-mentioned, the brand is there to celebrate as the very love that most Zimbabweans share for home-grown music. To make the launch the best it can possibly be a group of sponsors have come together for the cause namely include Star FM, Ster Kinekor, The Volt, Tropical Sounds and Music Distributors, Firstmate, Bilebanal, Empire Styling, Grantpack Printing Company, Jan Jam, Zimhost Webdesigners and Bhello City Foods. OyOsMusic  is eternally grateful for the input that these brands have put in,” said OyOs in a statement.

The event is set to be by invite only featuring a guest list of some of Zimbabwe’s finest artists namely GoodChild Gc, Tamy, Sandra Ndebele amongst many others with the guest of honour being Hon Min Supa Mandiwanzira. The event is set to be hosted by Nikki in an event that will run from 1700hrs al the way up until nine that very evening.

Stationery will be provided by Viciakesmedia and FirstMate whilst catering for the night will solely be handled by Bhello City Foods. Styling for the V.I.P, ushers and hosts will be handled by Jan Jam, Empire Styling and all decor and equipment will be provided Bilebanal Hiring. Last but not least Music and Sound Equipment will be provided by Tropical Sound and Music Distributors while Technomag and Royal Media Group will provide the video recording with The Tribe Called dressing the VIP ushers

The brand has already made quite a hefty list of achievements which they set out to celebrate at the event chiefly, succeeding in giving out its first quarterly payouts and the progression it has made in the on-going fight against music piracy in our country.

The very heart of the whole gathering however, is to celebrate the brand finally coming to life, the love of our very own home grown music and how well received it has been by the Zimbabwean community.

To date OyOsMusic has signed over 132 and over 300 indep and studio signed artists and the online store has currently over 6000 songs accessible by the Zimbabwean community in all parts of the world. The music is available on their website (www.oyosmusic.co.zw) or the android app available on the Google Play Store (“OyOsMusic”).

As preparations come to a close the OyOsMusic team promises what will be one spectacular launch. Hopefully news of the will spread the culture that the brand aims to promote of buying and selling music in our country and to rid our country of the toxin of piracy which is currently plaguing our artists.

There are 130 thousands musicians who are signed up on OyOsMusic, and fans only need to go to OyOsMusic website www.oyos music.co.zw and for different genres of music. Payment methods for OyOsMusic includes Telecash, EcoCash Paypal and Paynow

OyOsMusic is an digital music platform where people can buy and sell homegrown music, a move set to counter piracy

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