#OutAndAbout: Inside Pacific Cigarettes Plant

Savanna Tobacco is one of the leading Zimbabwean tobacco manufacturing company with cutting edge technology used to make cigarettes.

The company has a team of dedicated and highly trained technicians that ensure cigarettes come out in tip top quality.

Savanna has state of the art machinery (among the best in Africa) that produces high-quality cigarettes that have won international recognition.

The machinery includes 2 Focke 350 packers (400 packets per minute), another Protos 80 maker as well as a second KDF filter maker that has enabled the company to contract manufacture filters for many companies in the country and the region.

Savanna Tobacco Plant Worker at Packing Machine

Addressing the media and visiting Jamaican musicians Turbulence and Mega Banton during the plant tour, Savanna Zimbabwe country manager Farai Kasese said their machinery produces cigarettes at a speed of 8 000 cigarettes per minute.

“Here we have a maker that does up to 8 000 cigarettes a minute and a packer that does 350 packets a minute,” she said.

Savanna Tobacco Plant Worker

She also said they are planning to expand their operations in the region.

“We are obviously expanding just not in Zimbabwe but outside Zimbabwe. To Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa. We are going multinational. We also have our company in Jamaica,” said Kasese.

Savanna also has a world class quality assurance lab.

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