OutAndAbout: Inside CCOSA's Digitised Studio

The Christian College of Southern Africa (CCOSA) has transformed its radio studio in line with the obtaining trends in the digital media.

A walk into the fully digitised studio feels like one has walked into a broadcasting station’s studio owing to the state of art equipment in the studio.

By Marvelous Chibhagidi

The college’s studio is at par with national radio stations such as Star Fm and Zi FM Stereo who have since gone digital and improved the quality of their content.

Speaking to the Radio Production lecturer at the college Mr Charles Mumanikidzwa he said, ”We are proud to be one of the few if not the only one with a digital radio studio, actually being at the same level with some of the nation’s most celebrated radio stations and giving our journalism students a chance to experience what it could possibly be in the real world in radio broadcasting.”

CCOSA Studio

CCOSA Studio

The migration from analogue to digital deadline was set for the 17th of June 2015 with Zimbabwe among other countries in Africa actually failing to complete the migration project and continuing to leg behind when it comes to technology. However, the CCOSA digital studio was set way before even the digitisation deadline was set.

This digital radio studio also makes it possible for the college to conduct narrow casting where by they can actually broadcast within the college’s premises.

The studio could actually pave way for a radio station if the college deems it fit.

“It is important to understand that¬† digitisation¬† will also result in the opening of the airwaves as digital broadcasting allows signals to be compressed and that potentially could give Zimbabwe up to 80 broadcasting channels, according to the Ministry of Media and Broadcasting Services,” said Mumanikidzwa.

According to BAZ, the digitisation process will see the setting up of High Definition (HD) television studios, five radio transmission studios, six digital content production facilities, satellite signal distribution, six national FM transmission networks, as well as a conditional access system and subscriber management receiver control.

So with this said CCOSA can safely say that they are also walking in the vision of the government of digitising Zimbabwe.





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