#Out&About: Vendors adopt POS machines


Government’s efforts to encourage Zimbabweans to embrace plastic money seem to bear some fruits as members of the public from churches to even street vendors are using the virtual currency.

Last week we ran an article on churches accepting tithes and offerings using swiping machine. But this time around vendors have also joined the bandwagon.

By David Zvina

There is a video circulating on WhatsApp and Youtube where a  Mazhanje (sugar plum) vendor along Borrowdale road is using the Point Of Sale (POS) machine for transactions.


These vendors are targeting those who live in upmarket suburbs with some knowledge about the usage of plastic money and swipe machines.



swiping machines taking over

A scenario where posh cars are parked along the Borrowdale road as the owners purchase the sugar plum fruit through the swipe machine has become a norm along the road.

In the video, a customer will be paying using a Barclays Bank card to have his sugar plum order  packaged. After paying he is given a receipt to confirm the transaction.


vendors have found life tough as cash crisis hits the streets in zimbabwe

Vendors who can be registered  under the Small to Medium Businesses can register and go on to acquire these machines that can enhance the way they conduct business. Although certification is needed, the RBZ has moved to ensure that the SMEs face less hassles when acquiring the swiping machines.

Speaking to Knowledge Munogwei a street vendor along Chinhoyi Street, he said the idea was a magnificent one. His colleagues are considering trying the POS machines since their businesses had hit a brick wall due to the cash crisis in Zimbabwe.

“It’s only that the process is quite hectic sir but for us swiping machines are the way to go if we are to fend for our families and if we’re to have a proper Christmas, illustrated knowledge,” he said.

Victor Mupanetsaru another vendor attributed that tough times call for desperate measures and at this moment where the bond note has been released but in short quantities electronic swipe machines are the way to go.

“Blaz zvakapresser tikasatoshandisa technology yakauya iyi tofa nenzara mari dziri muma bank evabereki (Things are a bit tough brother and its about time as a vendor to adopt and embrace technology else we starve our families),” he said.


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