#Out And About: University Students Bemoan E-Learning Technology


UNIVERSITY students across the country’s tertiary institutions have castigated the E-learning technology due to a myriad of technical glitches associated with with it. 

During an interview with TechnoMag,  a number of students from various institutions highlighted that the e-learning platforms at the schools was making their lives a living hell.

Lisa Gora a student at Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) attributed that at times the systems crushes forcing most students to recreate accounts’ a process that is exhausting and boring. One of the greatest hiccup’s  that have been faced by the system has been its inability to cope with the large numbers of students accessing the system at a single moment.

Paidamoyo Mponde  noted that  during her second year college the e learning system completely deleted her account and results and registration and she had to start all her courses afresh.

“I lost all my results and during that semester I was unable to write the end of semester examinations because the system no longer identified me as a student. That was the hardest period in my tertiary education period , I was stressed to the last extent and even my mother tried to plead to the administration but the damage done by the system was I reversible.”

Dr Hapanyengwi the Dean of the computer science department at the university of Zimbabwe alluded that most universities and colleges have not provided necessary savers to run the system on and in turn it affects the students. DR Hapanyangwi stated out that there is need for the system to be constantly upgraded for the benefit of both the staff and students especially if issues of loss of information are to be prevented.

Just when we thought e-learning was the solution to everything , it seems we still have a lot to learn.but  for now the problems being presented by the e learning platforms are putting a clear dent on the system.

The Midlands State University however has been singled out as one of the best in terms of providing e-learning services.

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