#Out&About: Are Satellite Dish Installers Reaping Off Citizens?

The model of doing business in Zimbabwe is one that was influenced by experiences of the gloomy 2007/2008 period where prices were lugubriously high due to hyperinflation and speculative tendencies amongst businesses.

This syndrome has not spared even those who install and fit satellite dishes especially DStv installations as evidenced by huge price disparities prevalent in the industry. A walk around the street pavements of almost every Zimbabwean town and city greets one with templates and posters stuck on walls and trees of different companies and individuals who offer installation services.

By Marvelous Chibagidi

A survey conducted by TechnoMag indicates that the installation prices differ according to area or location. Normal installation of a Dstv explorer costs $125 and extra-view package costs close to $275 which is quite a lot for the ordinary Zimbabwean.

However in an interview with Admire Vhenga a DStv freelance installation technician based in Waterfalls, he indicated that he charges less than $15 for the normal decoder without extra view which is a difference of $135 from what other companies are charging.

DStv Explora installation

DStv Explora installation

“For the PVR decoder,  installation costs $25 with the Explora installation being charged at $45 and these are reasonable figures because at the end of the day, if I get at least ten clients in a week my income would be between $250-$450 and for that i am truly grateful,” he said

Comparing with neighboring counterparts, the new Dstv Single View full package costs around $83 (R1150) and this package involves, DSTV  HD Single View, Dish, HD LNB,10m cable,1 hour installation labor and this is about $80.

Fitting a satellite dish is cumbersome. This toll task needs people with such expertise to fit and install satellite dishes who leave no stone unturned till all channels on the dish can be viewed in picture perfect quality with good audio being produced.

As much as offering DSTV installation services has transformed lives, the issue of pricing needs to be revisited especially under the prevailing economic environment.


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