#OpinionAndAnalysis: Of Nokia's Migration To Android OS

Could Nokia’s shift to the Android OS from the Windows be on the back of the un-user friendliness of the Lumia phones?

Mobile phone manufacturer  Nokia announced that they would be ending their current contract with windows and they would now be venturing into the Android system. 

By David Zvina

The sleeping giant as a way of coming back with a bang Nokia recently said that it would introduce two new cell phones this year and one early next year, with the C1 standing as the marketer of the new Nokia android brand.

One has to ask, why the sudden change. Various reports have indicated that Nokia needed to re-brand itself in order for them to compete with other mobile giants that were already using the android system particularly Samsung.

A recent survey byTechzone noted that mobile phones using the android system have dominated the Smartphone market with a share of 87.6%. Samsung, the #1 contributor showed strong performance with its flagship releases, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Android share has risen both YoY and QoQ, with strong growth in unit shipments by other players such as Huawei, OPPO, and Vivo.

The new NOKIA C1 with an android operating system

Whereas phones such as Nokia Lumia  which use the Windows operating system have  experienced a QoQ decline of 45.2% with a total of 1.5 million units shipped this quarter. With Microsoft’s focus on business users, the decline in the consumer market is expected to continue.

Nokia has been working on their new mobiles from last year and now finally they are ready to launch their first android Smartphone. Nokia is developing their first Android Smartphone which will be released in 2016 and another version in 2017 stated the Nokia website.

Apart from Smartphone, Nokia VR capture device Nokia Ozo will be released to market on November 30 and the other consumer wearable are least expected Android-based wearable s  related to Health and Well being. Lots of device will be arriving on the market accompanying the Next Nokia Android Smartphone,


One of the main complaints you are to come across on the nosier website is “Hard to find things… OMG!! How do you navigate in this mobile??” This clearly highlights one of the major challenges that Nokia has been faced ever since it adopted the windows operating system

Apart from the problems NOKIA has faced in the past, which have greatly influenced  the decision to migrate  from Windows to android , there is a guarantee that they will definitely have to face competition in terms of pricing , since the market is already crowded with android phones such as GTel, ASTRO and Huawei who are already providing mobile phones for relatively reasonable prices.

Further more one  of the major issues that NOKIA will have to address as they enter the African market is whether they will be able provide enough competitions to the android phones  that have already manipulated the market.all these are definitely challenges that Nokia has to be prepared to face in the African market.

Nokia needs a magnificent strategy if it is to outplay and outgun all the other cellphones providers in Africa and steal the hearts of the African society once more.

Nokia hopes that the migration to android will enable them to become a dominate force in Africa mobile market and one does hope that the new Nokia C1 meets the standard that Nokia is promising.

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