#OpinionAndAnalysis: 30 percent mobile data wasted in the background: Opera

Zimbabwean users often wonder how their data miraculously vanishes from their phones.
“What happened to my data?” they often ask.

It will be the background data chewing up all the airtime bought.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Background data is all the internet traffic that goes on when you’re not actually using an app: email syncing, pre-fetching ads, news articles or feeds – even though you may never read them.

According to internet Software Company Opera’s State of the Mobile Web in Africa 2016 report background data gobbles up 30 percent of mobile data.
“Earlier this year research from Opera found that 30 percent of all mobile data is wasted in the background.
“Most apps are made to give a great user experience, not to save data. Unfortunately this means that many data users are essentially throwing away the equivalent of $1 out of every $3 spent on data,” said Opera.
From these results, it seems that people have not been properly educated on how to save themselves from the data consumption.

In Zimbabwe we go about complaining how Econet, Telecel or NetOne have stolen your data but actually from a technical point of view its not their fault since they are not the manufactures of the smart-phone used.
The duty of Internet Service Providers is to provide the network connectivity which you need to establish communication interfaces with applications on your smart phone. The settings on your mobile device are the major culprits for the disappearing of your data bundles.

Install Google Chrome On Your Smartphone And Browse the Web via Chrome’s “Data Saver”

If you have Chrome installed on your phone, you probably know all the facts very well. However, there is a chance you are not completely familiar with all the great benefits Chrome provides. One of those benefits is “Data Saver” feature.By enabling “Data Saver,” you can cut Chrome’s data usage by 50%. If you wish to give it a go, just tap the three-dot menu button located in the top-right corner. Then choose Settings, and just scroll down and select “Data Saver”. This feature will enable Google’s servers to cut the data usage in half. That, of course, means that you do not have to worry anymore about your cap, which is awesome.
Disable Sync Options You Do Not Need
These actually one of the major data thieves for iPhone users.There are numerous ways of conserving data, but one of the simplest is to disable account syncing for those apps you don’t use anymore. To be able to do that you will have to go to your Settings and select “Accounts and options”. Then choose any of the given entries.
For instance, if you use Google account, the next thing you have to do is untick the boxes next to services you do not normally use. Your smartphone will stop wasting data on something you do not want. One more thing you can do is to disable auto syncing on all of your accounts. Then you can resort to manual syncing whenever you need an application updated.

Disable background data with these steps:
  1. Open up Settings on your device.
  2. Locate and tap Data usage.
  3. Locate the app you want to prevent using your data in the background.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the app listing.
  5. Tap to enable Restrict background data

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