#Opinion: Nokia Vs Samsung The Battle For Africa Begins

The battle for the African market dominance between global mobile phone manufacturers Samsung and Nokia heats up as both companies are coming up with different strategies to maintain and attract customers.

When it comes to mobile phones, Africa is truly undergoing a revolution. A new study shows that Africa is the first continent to have more mobile phone users than fixed-line subscribers. Mobile phones have revolutionised Africa during the last years. 

By David Zvina

As much as this revolution has been pushed by a variety of brands,  Samsung and Nokia have been leading lead the pack since day one without doubt  taking the African continent with flair and vibe than what the world expected.

The past years have seen Samsung literally bulldoze Nokia

Entering the Y2K, Nokia 5110, 3310, 2110 phones were the most sophisticated brands that everyone wanted and when Samsung came along with its slender portable phones the completion gathered steam .

The year 2017 therefore looks an interesting year as both brands aim to take control of a growing African market and the recent shift by Nokia from window operating system to android is a clear intent that they want their African domination back in their grasp,  a change in tactic that definitely spices up things.

In  the past decade, Samsung has not only  made inroads in the African market, it has also made itself a household franchise offering some of the cheap and advances mobile cell phones whilst  maintaining the user friendliness. On the other hand, Nokia did things totally different and introduced its late substitute the windows operating system and that was definitely the own goal that Nokia conceded.

Samsung last year sold an estimated  36 million mobile phones twice as much as what their competitor nokia achieved in that calendar year. Stats presented highlight that Nokia  windows  version suffered a massive drop in sales in the fourth quarter 2016, net sales dropped 13 percent to €6.7 billion ($7.2 billion) compared to €7.7 billion ($8.3 billion) for the same quarter in 2015 a state that led to the admission by CEO Dr. Rajeev Suri that they had made a rather uncharismatic decision when they  opted for the Windows operating system.

But the recent introduction of the new nokia c7 which runs on Android makes the competition a bit exciting as this new phone has been embraced by the African society. Further, the resurrection of the 3310 even excited the Africans more as the phone had its glory days then.


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