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Open book yesterday launched their website and ready for their upcoming app as they unveils A new secure, easy way to buy, read, share or sell books & stories on different devices and platforms.

Mazwi is a digital distribution platform that seeks to give writers and publishers a set of tools to publish and market their books as well as collect revenue completely digitally all on their mobile devices.

Today there are more mobile devices in Africa than there are bookstores and computers combined, this represents an exciting opportunity to re-imagine the way books within the context of our challenges are marketed, distributed and made available to over 5 million mobile internet users in Zimbabwe alone, 163 million internet users in the rest of Africa and over 2.4 Billion internet users across the rest of the world particularly in other developing markets.
They are giving even the least technically savvy publishers, writers and content creators the tools they need to access a bigger audience and collect revenue digitally all from their mobile device.

The creators of the site say:

More than that Mazwi is set to help change the way we access books. For readers we have developed an app that will turn any existing Java supporting feature phone, Android smart phone or tablet into a full-featured E–reader that will access a growing library of new and old local books. The Mazwi service is currently free to setup for any writers or publishers. Our upcoming app will also be free to download (the BETA version of the app is now available at our website for anyone to try)
In March 2013 we came first at the British Council Culture shift challenge, we received support from the British Council to pursue our vision to build a platform that would change the way we share and consume books. This saw the beginning of an exciting journey. biNu from Australia and Worldreader from the USA came on board and are sharing their expertise and patented technology with our team.

The Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services has wished us well. We have spent most of the last couple of months working with an amazing group of publishers and writers to bring our readers a diverse collection of new and unique content.
mazwi screenshot
Mazwi is designed to address a very huge problem in a way that creates new opportunities for our own writers and publishers while prioritizing access by everyone (young and old) to content in general. Lack of access to books represents a continuing challenge in the literacy programs of many African countries particularly with regards to local languages, cultures, stories and ideas. Today illiteracy costs the global economy more than $1.19 trillion dollars, but more than that it costs many countries and societies their history, identity, culture, language and their voice.
We have chosen to be part of the solution. Through technology we wish to make an encouraging difference. Each mobile device running Mazwi, when connected to the Internet has the potential to represent an unlimited library of books in a diverse selection of languages, topics and genres for an entire family. We have set out to make this happen.

By leveraging existing mobile technology we will make more books – particularly books from our own local writers – accessible anywhere around the world for a fraction of the cost of a physical book. This will create new opportunities and an incentive for more writers to write new stories and shape new ideas.

We are also making it simple for a lot more readers to access and buy books. We believe everyone’s story is valuable and must be heard. Over the net few weeks we will be releasing more exciting information about Mazwi and our partners.

As we celebrate our milestones and share Mazwi with the world we look forward to all the support we can get to push forward and succeed. Please spare a moment to visit our website, try our app, learn more and get involved. Anyone is free to contact us at hello(at), we’d love to chat.

Discover, Buy, Enjoy And Share Local Books On Mobile Devices

We are helping writers & publishers market & sell their books to mobile devices, so that local readers and everyone else can easily discover, enjoy & share their wonderful stories.

Nicole Madziwa

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