Open Warfare!! TelOne vs ZOL – Let excellence speak for itself

In these past three days we have all been witnessing a public and open warfare between ZOL and TelOne who are Zimbabwe’s top two leading Internet Service Providers. The battle for clinching subscribers from the Internet service market has now turned ugly with the two operators openly attacking each other on advertising billboards but diplomatically using their product supremacy to outclass each other. So as a Tech Research Specialist, l decided to go behind the scenes so that maybe l may come up with a solution to end these immature squabbles.  

By Cisco Eng. Shingie Lev Muringi 

ZOL has always been the first to run campaigns, mobilizing the citizens that it is high time they switch from slow Internet links provided via Asymetrical Digital Subscriber Lines which tend to be TelOne’s main trademark in the Internet service provision market.

TelOne then this week decided to diplomatically retaliate by running a campaign under the motto “More Zimbabweans Online Love TelOne, Thats why they won’t stop talking about us!” These two operators should definitely have a feature on Oscar Pambuka’s Melting Pot!!

ZOL were the first last week to hoist up billboard running ad Ad campaign clearly digging into TelOne with the message “ Are you Disgruntled with Slow Links? Hope onto ZOL Fibroniks Lite“. This was Team ZOL clearly firing shots to their rival that their technology is outdated and has been outpaced by the latest fiber optic broadband technologies which they offer under their ZOL fibroniks packages.


ZOL reversely hits back at TelOne in yesterday’s print media

TelOne on the other hand continue to stand resolute on the viability of their ADSL technology and recently they began to roll out fiber projects to anchor their core network. The other reason why they have been able to sell their ADSL packages is mainly because of the low prices they peg on those Internet services than their competition. Telone’s cheapest ADSL package come as little as $25 per month while ZOL’s cheapest Fibroniks package sits at $29 per month.


ZOL diplomatically dissing TelOne’s ADSL

So what is my advise??

Yes, both of them have been dishing us unnecessary drama rather than confine themselves to modern means of marketing. My advise is “Why not let excellence speak for itself????”. After all has been said and done, me as a customer l will always be concerned at the quality of service and the reliability of the Internet packages which l am sacrificing my hard cash for.

My Advice To TelOne: TelOne must know that ZOL has been also offering both Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Lines (ADSL) and Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Lines (SDSL) long before their takeover by Liquid Telecom. They have since then begun an eventual transition into total fiber optic broadband services so as to offer robust uplink and download speeds. So TelOne please stop marketing the technology!!!! Market the Service! Your marketing team may go all verbose on the complexity of the ADSL and SDL technologies you offer but at the end of the day you are not gonna fool us because we are a highly computer conversant generation too. By virtue of being an engineer too, l always run speed test every month on my home ADSL package and surely you are yet to get there!! And lets talk of your customer service!! Well done for slightly improving but as compared to your competition, you are the slowest in triggering fault responses when a client’s network needs troubleshooting. Please improve in those areas and surely you will never go on publicly embarrassing wars with your competition.

To You #TeamZOL: Since the takeover by Liquid Telecom, you have done exceptionally well, yes without favor or bias you managed to redefine the industry through excellent customer care and at the same time offering very fierce fiber broadband speeds. Surely who would have ever thought that now one is able to download a 5Gig movie within 10 minutes??? As a passionate football fan myself, another dream came true for me to clinch a membership on SuperSport3A to participate live on the English Premier League’s FAnZone via Skype, only because your network has no bluffering issues, the network has carries fierce speeds backed by a complete fiber optic ring which runs on Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) the latest enterprise data transport technology capable of enhancing high-performance telecommunication networks at low latency. So instead of involving yourself into such a shallow public bowl, why not let excellence speak for itself??? Super services market themselves!.

Until the peace talks, l will be watching both of you!! And please do not bias us in your adverts because we understand technology to a certain respectable magnitude which gives us the right to give honest informative analysis to our readers.

The battle for relevance continues…follow Shingie Levison Muringi our Technology Research Specialist and Deputy Editor on Twitter @ShingieMuringi1, Email [email protected] or direct Cell: 0775 380 652





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