Only Tech Can Police The Zimbabwe Police

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

I remember very well one day after visiting a local police station during lunch hour, I could hear the police officers complain about the introduction of cameras at toll gates, while one of them softly said “if the cameras prove to be problem then we will simply kill them.

Not to be say that all our police officers are corrupt but definitely the numbers of bad apples are alarming as it takes one rotten apple to rot the other before the whole basket becomes completely rotten.

What really boggles one`s mind is the commitment of these so called cops to stamp out corruption while its slowly becoming obvious that the officers have invented new ways of stealing especially those in the traffic section.
If the ZRP can seriously /jokingly pledge to kill technology which is used to track them then how will the government fight their own.

The current setup where we have more than 3 road blocks in local routes from residential areas to city centre simply goes to show obvious rot as in most cases only commuter omnibuses are stopped point to point and in day broad light they are given tickets after tickets making us to wonder if the traffic cops are really motivated to ”punish” these offenders or it’s a mere racket scheme.

I have personally questioned the authenticity of those tickets issued by police officers because even after “negotiating” you still get a lower prized ticket proving that these tickets could not be seeing the state coffers.

Recently the Minister of Home Affairs Cde Kembo Mohadi says the Government will use technology at police-roadblocks to transmit details of transactions directly to Police General Headquarters in Harare as part of measures to reduce corruption in the police force.

This could be a sign that the actual receipts the traffic cops are using could be rogue since all cases of fine payment have been paid for using this system.

He said police will soon be having gadgets that will be recording every transaction at road blocks with the view of reducing cases of rent seeking and wheeler-dealing at these points.

The minister was also recently quoted in the Herald saying: it is morally wrong for police officers to compete with members of the public by operating pirate taxis and omnibuses as this breeds corruption.

Cde Mohadi said his ministry has fired a lot of police officers after they were found engaging in clandestine activities.

“We need to bring back confidence in the police force by getting rid of bad apples among us. We will continue dismissing those found on the wrong side of the law while others will be taken to the courts for prosecution,” he said.

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