Online Ticketing A Success for the John Legend Show

Zimbabwean promoters are strangers to  Online Ticket Selling, especially when you talk of Chipaz Promotions and Red Rose Promotions who are completely absent, unable to sell tickets and booking seats for events.

I thought maybe there is no audience when it comes to eCommerce sites due to less people lacking plastic money and unavailability on the online platforms. But then after the introduction to the online sale of Tickets by Davies events, triggered me to dwell on the online ticketing issue.

One time when Akon came for a performance in 2011, there were many police men with their dogs and chaos at the entrance points with long standing ques that were so long I entered exhausted and it killed my vibe. So sad to say that still at this day and age our event planners and promoters are not even moving an inch towards online ticket selling for convenience and security purposes. We still have to stand in long ques to attend an event to watch Macheso, Tuku and other artist when promoted by the biggest promoters who don’t embark on online ticketing.

But then the story on gets better from worse , firstly I was excited when my friends told me they bought tickets online for the John Legend show scheduled for November, this brought joy because to me because some of the ticket selling was done online. I thought maybe it’s a company from outside the country until I researched and found out that it’s a locally based company that chose to think bigger than others in the market. Already the online tickets have sold out and this has been done professionally.


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The entertainment industry is a million dollar industry in the arts sector and the online ticketing move has to be emulated by the other promoters without an excuse because it’s a world class and more hassle free system. Many of the times there is not enough remission for the artists who perform on half down payment terms because half of the crowed wouldn’t have paid to the right principal for entrance.

There are a vast number of advantages that link up with online ticket selling which are:

• It is more transparent for the artists that sign contracts of payment number of turnouts to avoid exploitation.
• For convenience sake it is a great platform for some fans that are outside the country or far from the ticket selling points. The online platform will ensure the attainment of a ticket without distance issue.
• To avoid congestion at the entrance points because it fuels theft, loss of goods and violence because most of the tickets would have already been sold.
• It’s striking two birds with one stone by taking advantage of selling tickets at selling points and also online, maximizing the event revenue.

The initiative has been applauded by many since the tickets online have sold and we say keep it up on the innovation. GOOD MOVE from Davies Events you have done us Proud!!!


Onwell Matienga

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