One Wallet Spinning A New Life Span With Merchant, Biller Codes

While they are still celebrating a hatrick stattiscis for being the fastest growing mobile network for the past three years. Netone is still to stand a litmus test if they can convert these numbers into anything else than voice subscribers

According to POTRAZ’s sector performance report for the second quarter, NetOne was the only mobile phone service provider that gained subscriber base in 2016 from a mere 2 million in 2015 to 4 million in 2016.

By Marvelous Chibhagidi


The real telecommunications business of voice revenue is seriously suffering from dwindling revenues as more subscribers  can now communicate via Internet based protocols which are way to cheaper than GSM base stations which are extremely too cost, threatening the mobile network business 

While we have questioned the need for them to rebrand One Wallet, NetOnehas been quetly running adverts to resuscitate the One Wallet, and the most interesting news is whaat they really have for the future, if they at all are going to turn around their balance sheet.

We once critiqued NetOne for having a smart product but stupid marketing when they failed to get a few thousands of subscribers on the platform, even when they had all the exclusive rights to pay zesa electricity via their biller code system,

Netone Marketing Executive Juliet Ziswa

Netone Marketing Executive Juliet Ziswa


However the game has changed which may see Ecocash ‘s advantage losing ground as this is no longer a game of agent numbers with the current biting cash, the agent network stops to serve any purpose.


The real deal is now on what millions can do with the mobile money payment options, as opposed to sending and receiving money.


NetOne may have seen the new opportunity here by signing up many more merchants and creating biller codes for various service providers as they ready to attack the market with a cashless payment option.

Netone may have found a way out as it is already advocating for employers to pay their employees via the One Wallet, which technically there wont be any need to actually look for an agent if one can almost pay for the essential services via mobile money.

This probably affirms to my point that Zimbabweans have never really needed cash , but our service providers create the demand by not creating platforms that receives plastic money or enable mobile money payment .

It has emerged that NetOne has engaged a number of already established retail outlets to handle its mobile money business.

To commence its expansion into the mobile money sector, NetOne has engaged at least 12 entities from both the private and public sector. Among the organizations under the NetOne mobile banking banner are ZESA, TelOne town councils and hospitals.

OneWallet has established established merchants nationwide with big players like Choppies, Greatermans, Foodlovers and Microcare Africa. It does not end with only being able to get  some shopping but one can also pay for other utilities using the One Wallet service like paying your school fees,hospital bills and even purchase electricity tokens from where you are because you just pay as to go.

”If only a lot more organisations could register with OneWallet ,then they can do bulk disbursements into their employees’ OneWallet who then can use it for other things as Zimbabwe needs to embrace plastic money” said NetOne Executive Marketing Juliet Ziswa.

To ease the running of business a biller code  or merchant code is provided where one can receive daily purchases and  monthly payments directly into your  bank account. It’s a fast and convenient
solution for your business and your  customers.

Transacting through OneWallet merchant gets rid of all the queues which are hauled by the sometimes bad network on the POS machines.

Now one can enjoy convenient grocery  shopping with OneWallet  and make all your  payments clean and cashless with the  efficient, easy to use OneWallet bill  payments option.All you have to do is dial *111# to get started!









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