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Most Tech-Survey people in Zimbabwe surely do know biNu, at least they have heard about it, or they have a slight idea about its existence.

Although this can be true in a rough idea, esp of basic knowledge, not as much people have gathered their wits to actually try out the app and I myself included, I did not have the full understanding of the app and had managed to create my own personal assumption.

What is biNu?
A cheap messaging app, something in the class of whatsapp or mxit, well…… wrong, but you could be forgiven for having that assumption.
Probably biNu themselves could be responsible for this wrong mind-set that has been built up around their product mainly because of the way they initially marketed it.

So What really is biNu?

Well in the words of biNu Africa Vice President Mr Jeremy George, BiNu is a “Smartphone in the cloud”.
“In a nutshell biNu is a solution that will make every mobile user especially in emerging markets like India and most African countries fully harness the full power of internet connectivity and access to apps dedicated to high end smart phones while they are using” a basic phone (feauture phone) “, explained Jeremy.

Basically all the apps that a feature phone can not run like the twitter, facebook, news, games and many more can now be accessed by any standard phone with internet access.
Well the real beauty about this platform is not in the availability of the apps on their platform, biNu has a “Super Fast Technology” that makes accessing these apps work at a click of a button.
BiNu Zimbabwe rep, Mr William Chui clarified how their platform is much more relevant to the Zimbabweans especially with slow broadband and Gprs speeds in some parts of the country.

biNu Zimbabwe Rep, William Chui

biNu Zimbabwe Rep, William Chui

It’s true, I have tried that during the presentation and the way their platform access the internet is really super-fast, faster than opening them even on smartphones.
“We use a certain technology that makes accessing our apps in regions of slow internet speeds work like magic, so long as you are connected online our platform will deliver content to your feature phone at a click and this becomes so handy in countries of slow internet speeds”, added Jeremy

What is of interest is how biNu is opening to the Zimbabwean market, recently during Culture Shift hackathon Challenge, biNu will be offering the first prize winner ,Open Book a platform to market their app on the biNu platform.

Other local apps can now be uploaded and sold on the biNu platform using biNu credit. For those developing and showcasing their tech talent, the biNu platform is much more relevant to start selling or freely distributing your application exposing it to the local market.

William Chui and Jeremy Goerge explain the biNu concepts

William Chui and Jeremy Goerge explain the biNu concepts

Other resourceful content including the Zimbabwe draft Constitution has also been availed on the biNu platform to cater for those on feature phones to also get to broswe it with real time access speed.
biNu is a 2012 an AfricaCom award winner, it battled against African Tech giants like Mxit and more to clinch the prestigious African award.

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