Telecel Opera Mini Sees a Six Fold Growth Rate in Zim

The number of Telecel Zimbabwe customers taking advantage of the higher speeds and money-savings available through the use of the Opera Mini Telecel co-branded web-browser has increased six-fold over the last 18 months.

Tendai Kwaramba

Telecel was the first Zimbabwean mobile phone network operator to launch a co-branded Opera Mini browser. The browser was launched locally in February last year.

Opera mini compresses data file sizes by up to 90 percent, resulting in browsing speeds that are 10 times faster than normal and lower data costs for those who use it.

The number of subscribers making use of the browser has continued to grow and is now six times as many as those that first made use of it in the first month of its launch.

The cost savings and faster speeds resulting from the compression of data by up to 90 percent that can be achieved with Opera Mini make it an attractive browser to use.

Opera Mini is a mobile web browser that is optimised for mobile devices.Itis designed to enable customers to browse the web at high speeds.

Customers can customise their browsing experience and access favourite internet services such as Facebook or Google Search with one click, directly from their home page.

“Subscribers who make use of Opera Mini for browsing can improve on their download speeds and the quality of their browsing. They can also save money.
Obert Mandimika, Communications & Branding Director (1)
“At Telecel we are always looking for ways of enabling our subscribers to save money. Using Opera Mini is an easy way of saving money and improving one’s browsing experience,” commented Telecel communications and branding director Obert Mandimika.

“Since we introduced it last yearcustomers using Opera Mini have been able to access their favourite internet pages,such as Facebook or Google Search, with just one click directly from their home page,” he said.

Some of the features that come with Opera Mini include bookmarks, saved pages,download manager, history, speed dials,multiple tabs and sharing such as on Facebook or Twitter.

The saved pages feature allows the user to save pages for viewing later while speed dials allow for short cuts to one’s favourite sites.Multiple tabs allow for multiple browsing and switching between open pages.

“Opera Mini provides a fast, enjoyable and user-friendly mobile web experience regardless of how advanced one’s mobile handsetis.

“With more and more people using their mobile phones for internet access, a fast and reliable mobile web browser has become of paramount importance.

“Opera Mini not only gives you greater web page connection and download speed but saves you money. Using it is a must.

“With Opera Mini even webpages with lots of images and graphics load quickly.Its unique compression technology allows one to realise a significant cut in data costs,” Mr Mandimika said.

“We encourage our subscribers to give it a try and see for themselves the increased speed and reduced data size, with the reduction in costs which that implies,”he said.

Opera Mini can be used on any mobile phone with data services, including feature phones, smart phones, and tablets.

To download Opera Mini customers simply visitOpera web site on

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