Skype Adds An Icon for Every Edited Text


First it was the agony of seeing your mistakenly typed post going viral on Facebook without you being able to edit those small but irritating mistakes, deleting the post would also be regrettable with hundreds of likes or comments so finally, one would just but haplessly watch.

Not anymore, Facebook changed all that, you can now edit a post, in fact initially you could only edit the first few seconds after posting but now you can even edit days after posting, but Facebook makes sure it tells the whole world that the post was edited.

As social network and IM (instant messaging) platforms have been evolving and constantly upgrading their services and user interfaces, a few others have chosen rather to stick to the traditional, “no one is complaining” stance.

Though constant innovation (or rather renovation) seem to be the signature for Social Giants such as Facebook and WhatsApp, other equally or bigger giants just wouldn’t budge. Well, this may have been the story for blue and green-coloured Skype for a long time, but a few days now, the company has finally yielded to inevitable change as well.

By Phinias Shonayi

Skype has now added an “edited text notification icon” to its platform. Now you are able to see a jotting sign at the right end of your message just as you see it on the Facebook post or comment. For a long time now, contacts had no way of knowing when an edit has been made to a message, there was no sound as well to nudge the receiver. Before I move on, let me make a disclaimer; this newly introduced change doesn’t necessarily mean Skype is now awesome.

Suggestions like a notification sound for the edit and sending the edit separately should be in order. For instance, WhatsApp users receive a sound and visual notification for each message received, be it edited or unedited. This isn’t the case though for Facebook since sent message may not be edited.

However, the over 405million Skype users are not complaining over that lack of development. We are busy basking in Skype’s extremely friendly-to-use services like:
• Instant messaging
• Free Skype-to-Skype calls
• Affordable phone calls to mobile phones and landlines
• Video chatting and screen sharing
• Sending of video, audio, picture files to contacts
• Video and audio conferencing
• Skype Number, whereby your friends call a number and you pick up on your phone wherever you are in the world.
• Skype calls can be forwarded to cellphones when the call is busy.

Skype has also easily become the corporate’s choice in that it is just a click away and doesn’t require one to turn away from their workstation, the monitor.
The platform is not short on promotions and freebies as well; it gives good benefits such as 60minute calls for a month to some areas once in a while. The promotion is known as Skype Unlimited World and I have had the privilege to use it to call family overseas on their cellphones and landlines with no charge at all.

I must, however, highlight the fact that Skype-to-Skype calls, whether video or voice are limited to the user’s internet speed and the receiver’s as well.
Sadly also, Skype is not able to make calls to phones in Zimbabwe and most of Africa.

Skype is owned by Microsoft Corporation and runs on Windows, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, PSP, PSVita and Xbox One and is currently available in 38 languages.

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