No Access To Internet For 67 Zim Post Offices

Sixty-seven post offices in Zimbabwe do not have internet access, the Abridged sector report for the second quarter has revealed.

Potraz has been working on bridging the digital divide between the rural and the urban areas around the country but the deficit remains unfavorable.

As the government is seeking to achieve 100% coverage in disadvantaged and underserved areas the gap is still there to fill. The post office remains under threat of electronic methods of communication.

According to the report the country has 219 post offices, of these 77 are in the rural areas and 142 are in the urban areas and the postal density currently sits at 66,539 implying that there is 1 post office per 66,539 people.

The post office itself in the previous quarter has performed fairly nevertheless, registering an overall 64.5% revenue growth of $11 million from 7 million recorded in the first quarter. Most of this revenue stemmed from the growth in income from international incoming courier services. There was an overall decline in the local Postal and Courier volume.

The regulator has however acknowledged that a lot is still yet to be done when it comes to reforming the postal pillar.

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