Nigeria counterfeits fake certificates with security feature

Someone once said just throw a stone in Nigeria and you will stone a degreed individual in Lagos.
This was rather then not implying that there are so educated but a mere statement to state that everyone has a degree but the means of getting one has been widely known to be fraudulent.
In reaction to the increasing incidents of certificate forgery, the Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN) has concluded plans for the design of a new certificate for the council.

The new CPN certificate will include several unique unscripted security features. Amoo Taofeek Akanni, the council’s Head of Communication and Brand Management, said the new certificate forms part of their commitment to eradicate of fraud in the profession.

“The availability of inexpensive scanning and printing technology has contributed to an increasing incidence of identity fraud worldwide,” Akanni said.

“Thus, the recognition and reliance placed on the CPN certificates by government at various levels as well as members of the profession and the rising profile of the Council in the country has made it mandatory for the Council to re-strategise and ensure that certificates issued to members of the profession are secure and tamper-proof.”

he added tha the council will be incorporating the latest modern technology.

“A number of security features will be incorporated into the design of the new and enhanced membership certificate to ensure its authenticity as well as the integrity of the Council. The new certificates will contain modern security features like Micro text, Hologram, CBS1 watermark paper and a complicated background design,” he said.

Technology has its own counterfeits and its always difficult to fight technology frauds using technology.

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