NewsDay Takes Social Networking Handles To Its Print

By Perseverance Tavagwisa

Alpha Mwedia Holdings, Publishers of Newdsay, have managed to decipher some meaningful strategies of Social Media Marketing, spearheaded by their flagship daily, The NewsDay, they will now be presented with an unparalleled opportunity to connect directly with their offline customers.

NewsDay have finally picked the known secrets of converting the offline readers direct to their social network in a much more clear and persuasive manner, a move that will likely reap quick results for them.

A look at their current publication indicates that the social networking handles have been added to the centre page (save for the home page and the back page). A significantly low-cost promotional medium, it keeps the users abreast and updated not to mention lets them bond and communicate with the brand directly.

The message from the team i guess is, if you missed it from the last page you cant miss it on this other page. What a strategy! Atleast someone did some real thinking outside the conventional.
newsday screen shot twitter

With more than 33.3 thousands followers (and counting) on twitter @NewsDayZimbabwe  and more than 7242 likes on their facebook page NewsdayZimbabwe , the news maker has finally added social networking handles to their print version.

Yes, Social Media is the platform that will aid them to connect with their customers; increases brand awareness and identify a new target market. However, that is not the whole point as social media is much more.

Since Social Media is now mainstream, it will be providing a huge traffic and higher leads compared to traditional marketing. Also, it has made its way into most organizations’ integrated marketing plans considering the benefits it has to offer derived from significantly lower investment thrust into Social Media campaigns.

For NewsDay , there is no place for mediocre content because all that it takes for a competitor to steal  customers  away is one solid image and a crafty caption! this will be the acid test for their brand.

Ironically, they have not spread the same strategy to all their other papers to include their Weekly Paper The Zim Independent, Their Sunday Standard Nor The daily Southern Times.

Otherwise So far so good, Kudos on the move!

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